What is Branching Dialogue?

Strictly speaking, a discussion able to branch out into just about anything. In reality, it’s a site ran by Robert Wall where he posts his thoughts and opinions on anything and everything he has interest in– be that tabletop games, video games, movies, TV shows– there really isn’t a singular topic for this site.

Historically, Branching Dialogue was a video game discussion hub with multiple authors. In its heyday, it consisted of interviews, reviews, retrospectives– there was no singular purpose outside of an interest in video games and the culture and people surrounding it. Once that fell by the wayside, it became a hub for Robert’s projects and musings before eventually falling into disrepair once more.

Who is venn177?

venn177 is Robert Wall. He’s used the same online username since just past the turn of the century, and it’s never failed him. Most people call him venn, but there are some who call him “hey, you” too. He prefers a lowercase v in venn.

Studios & Media

Branching Dialogue Studios & Media is the ‘banner’ title under which everything I do is published. Be it web design, programming, writing, other inane projects– all of it is published under the Studios & Media name.


Branching Dialogue Studios & Media consists solely of one person: Robert Wall. While occasional collaborations aren’t unheard of, almost everything done through Studios & Media is from one person.


There are a myriad of magical scrolls and spells that can be used to contact Robert Wall, but in lieu of those, there are the following blasted things:

Email: [email protected]

Discord: venn177#8702

Steam: venn177

Special Thanks

  • Callum Bruce – In a million years, I never thought I would drive someone as insane as I did you. And just by asking for feedback! For many years, you made BD a better place.
  • Jeff Sears – You spent more time helping me debug mundane syntax errors than any man should ever be subject to.
  • Dan – In the beginning, BD was as much your brain child as mine, and without you it would’ve stayed a dream. You’re always welcome here.