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Branching Dialogue Studios & Media is the 'banner' title under which all of my (Branching Dialogue) projects are published. Be it a website, a generator, a project-- Studios & Media is the official publishing name of all of it.

If you came here through a copyright link, well, you're in the right place. Wherever you found that link (probably a website), you found something worked on by Branching Dialogue Studios & Media.

If you need web design work, you can contact Robert Wall through the contact page, which has many ways you can contact him.


Branching Dialogue Studios & Media consists of just one person - Robert Wall. I will occasionally ask someone for feedback, but the work done through Studios & Media is all one person unless otherwise stated, normally on the project itself.


Who is venn177?

venn177 is Robert Wall. He's used the same online username for ~15 years now, and it's never failed him. Most people call him venn, but there are some who call him "hey, you" too. He prefers a lowercase v in venn.

What is Branching Dialogue?

Branching Dialogue was originally a gaming and general media review site founded by Robert Wall and his good friend Dan. They were insanely antagonistic and loved to write about, well, anything. Eventually, the site was re-designed. And then again. And now here we are.

Because of college and the amount of work venn does on a daily basis, Branching Dialogue became more of a project showcasing website with infrequent updates, and turned away from the blog-like review format that he and many others had used in the past. Branching Dialogue used to use a wordpress back end with its own design, but has since been reworked into a completely original site from scratch.


These are the current projects, either work-in-progress or completed, that are under the Branching Dialogue Studios & Media banner.


There are many ways to contact me. A myriad of magical scrolls and spells! There are also these damned things:

Skype: venn177

Email: Robert.Wall@branchingdialogue.net

Steam: venn177

If you've noticed a pattern, bravo. I've used the same username for about 13 years now, surprisingly.

Special Thanks